What can I expect from Malaysia?

Malaysia is a unique travel experience that is much different from its neighbors. From the dense urban jungle of Kuala Lumpur to the pristine beaches of the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia is a beautiful and often underrated country. Spend the day with a traditional tribe or in a tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands or trek through the huge national parks of Gunung Mulu and Taman Negara, encountering incredible wildlife including tigers and orangutans.

Malaysia has a ton of stuff to offer travelers and is often quickly visited by travelers who breathe through on their way to or from Thailand. Take this country slowly, enjoy all the great Indian food and curries, and get off the beaten path to get the country to yourself.

Things to See and Do in Malaysia

Visit Kuala Lumpur
Dive in the Perhentian Islands
Visit Georgetown
Visit Malacca
Snorkle in Kapas Island
Visit the numerous mosques
Try all their food specialties
Try the traditional cocktail ``Jungle Bird``

“Thean Hou Temple”

“Eco Forest in Kuala Lumpur”

Typical Costs When Travelling

Accommodation – Budget hotels with free WiFi, A/C, and free breakfast start at around 75 MYR per night for a double. For a brand-name hotel, expect to pay closer to 200 MYR per night. Use as they consistently return the cheapest rates. Airbnb is also available throughout the country, with shared accommodation starting around 50 MYR per night. For an entire home or apartment, expect to pay around 250 MYR per night.

Food – A street meal will start under 5 MYR and rarely cost more than 15 MYR. Fast food (like McDonald’s) will cost around 14 MYR for a combo meal. Expect to pay 10-20 MYR in restaurants, however western meals will always cost more. For a meal at a mid-range restaurant expect to pay around 25 MYR per person. Beer will be under 15 MYR, and a week’s worth of groceries will cost between 90-150 MYR. Stick to local food items, as western specialties like wine and cheese will destroy your grocery budget!

Transportation – Expect to pay around 5-15 MYR per hour on a bus trip. Taxis can be expensive as many taxis do not have working meters. In this case, agree on a price up-front! A bus from Penang to Kuala Lumpur will cost around 50 MYR, while flights can be found for as little as 100 MYR. A train from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok will cost around 175 MYR, while a flight can be found for around 300 MYR. Also, download Grap App (like Uber), you can find drivers for a cheap price.

Suggested daily budget – 20-50 EUR / 12-55 USD (Note: This is a suggested budget. Using the budget tips below, you can always lower this number.)

Money Saving Tips

Use Grab instead of taxis Using Grab (like Uber) is the best way to move without spending to much money. Taxis aren’t usually metered in Malaysia, so make sure to agree on the fare before you set off.
Eat local Street stalls are the place to go for hawker food which is delicious and costs just a few bucks. At the restaurant, choose to eat local, that way, you will not only try the specialties, but you will also save money. Eating western food will always cost you more!
Book in advance Booking your accomodation in advance is the best way to save money. On Booking for instead, you get a discount if you book your room/appartment in advance.
Negociate the prices For many Malaysians, bargaining is a way of life and getting a fair or cheap price is regarded as a challenge. When you are told a price, always try to negociate a little bit.


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What can I expect from Malaysia?

There is also a strong commitment to diversity here, and as well as Malays and indigenous groups, there is also a sizeable Chinese and Indian population in Malaysia which is reflected in the architecture and cultural relics found in country. Visitors here can choose from a wide variety of activities from hiking, to diving, to shopping or sampling the local food. What you can do in Malaysia is almost endless. Sometimes you have to anxiously decide what things you can afford to miss and make tough calls between where you should spend your time, and for how long.

Malaysia has so much to offer, so you should definitely check it out! Whether you’re looking for a nice rest and want some relaxation on a gorgeous island, or want to see fascinating British, Dutch and Portuguese colonial architecture, or have adventures in the jungle, Malaysia can show you a way to live out almost any travel dream! Plus, delicious and cheap food is everywhere! But the best things here are the Malays themselves; they’re so insanely friendly and helpful. They’re the type of people who will make your trip through Malaysia even more memorable thanks to their great style and hospitality! If you’re still wondering what to do in Malaysia, then you should just book a flight and check it out!


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