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Seminyak is one of the most popular places in Bali and maybe the most crowded place. Although the place is less fashionable (Canggu took over), Seminyak remains a safe bet in Bali.

The place is very popular for its villas, easy access to the sea and especially for its cafes & restaurants. We just listed for you the Top 15 of the best places to eat and drink in Seminyak.




The venue defines casual elegance. With an industrial-inspired interior, the café furnishes itself with a lot of wood and metal elements. Guests may also find touches of Bali and there is also an indoor air-conditioned area for those looking to take a momentary escape from the Bali heat.

At Grain, you will find excellent Indonesian meals as well as salads, pastas… always with fresh and local products !


Babi Guling (suckling pig) is one of the must try traditional dish when you’re in Bali.

It’s pig stuffed with mixture of herbs and spices then spit roasted. Pak Malen is one of the popular babi guling in Bali because of strategist locations at Sunset Road, Seminyak around 15-20 minutes from the airport.

They restaurant was quite spacey but it’s better for you to come early cause there will be people waiting in lines. Here you will pay only 5 euros for 2 big plates plus 2 bottles of water. Not bad, hun ?

And it is literally delicious !



Waroeng Italian Corner is a small unexpectedly excellent restaurant serving fresh and authentic Italian cuisine. The menu provides a range of fresh pizzas, pastas, lasagna’s and salads and the restaurant itself is quirky and cosy and ensuring you feel comfortable. It is located down a quiet road off the main street of Seminyak, perfect for families or a quiet dinner with a few Bintang’s without the hustle and bustle of Seminyak nightlife.

Plus, you get 2 glass of wine for 120K !


You are dying to get some sushis ? You just find it ! Sushimi has excellent sushis with many choices.

Staff is really nice and very well organized as it is a very popular place with many people.

Tips : On friday night, all plates are at 120K !!! But go early (around 6pm) if you want to have a sit or you will have to wait more than 30 min.


We’ve never been to Vietnam but we can tell you that Vietnamese food are amazing.

No wonder, Bo & Bun is found to be addictive especially for local people. Those who sit, sip a glass of Vietnamese coffee and have a bowl of their pho noodle will mostly come back.

Bo & Bun only have little choices of menu, vary from salad, braises, grilled, bun, and wok cooking. Going around plates at Bo & Bun leaving a memorable taste that make us want to visit them again.


Excellent pizzas and not expensive ! The restaurant offers both an a la carte and a normal menu to choose from. Home-cooked dishes include mashed potato, lasagne, gnocchi and ravioli.



Boy’N’Cow is an industrial dry-aged meat boutique and cocktail lounge.

If you LOVE meat this is the place to go as they dry-ageing all their beef right here on site. With a share-style menu, handcrafted cocktails and up beat atmosphere, Boy’N’Cow combines tasty, honest food with the ultimate dining experience.


La Favela Bar and Restaurant in Bali welcomes you with its quirky vintage design, drawing much inspiration from the namesake urban scenes of Rio, hence its name. It’s open for lunch and dinner, but better come late and stay on for its chilled vibes.

The interior design is really cool and creates a cozy/romantic atmosphere.

Plus, cocktails are to die for !


Best burgers in Bali ! When you need smokey, classic beef burgers or slow-cooked pork legends in your life, this is where you should go.

When you just can’t get no tasty satisfaction or when you’re craving THAT burger after your night out, here’s why BO$$ MAN is the heavy hitter in the burger stakes.

Seminyak has food choices for every craving and budget under the tropical sun, but when you want world-class burgers in Bali that are properly in a league of their own, where do you go? You go to BO$$ MAN, Seminyak. Full stop.

And it’s not just because they’re open until 4am every day OR because they deliver (yeay). No, it’s for far more important reasons.

The quality. BO$$ MAN brings fine-quality dining approach to its burger menu selection.

It’s only top quality, or it’s nowhere near your burger.

No slapped-on-a-bun burger patties here, no siree. All beef burgers are made from 60-day dry-aged chuck steaks shaped in-house daily. All juicy, tender pork is cooked low and slow over 18 hours, loaded with BO$$ MAN sauces – all homemade (of course).

So, what are you waiting for ?


This happening beachside restaurant ‘a Seminyak pioneer’ is lovingly referred to as ‘La Looch’ and looks out onto one of the prettiest stretches of Seminyak beach. The new Italian chef offers classic Mediterranean fare with a touch of Asian spice.

You will die for its sea view !

Tips : better go for lunch : less expensive and less people.


One of the best beach club in Bali !

You can rent a daybed (4sits) for a minimum spent of 1million and you can stay there the all day, enjoying their infinite pool and their access to the beach. (If you are 4, it is not expensive !)

At Potatoe Head, food is excellent and you are in first class to see the sunset !



The menu at Sacred Ground has been a labour of love with a good balance of Indonesian dishes with international favourites. Having sourced the best produce and working with the most passionate farmers and purveyors on the island, you can be sure that the food at Sacred Ground is of the highest quality


Livingstone Café & Bakery is a great place to start your day in Seminyak, with hearty breakfasts and freshly-brewed coffees. It also serves as a cosy and popular rendezvous point for gatherings with friends over selections of house blends and delicious cakes and pastries through the day.

Step inside and you’re instantly welcomed by a fine combination of aromas as a team of baristas run their buzzing espresso machines, while pastry chefs busily bake and arrange their goodies.


The place is very comfortable. There are about fifteen tables between the ground floor and the terrace upstairs. The room on the ground floor is beautifully decorated, warm and has a lot of taste. There is air conditioning. Cafe Moolight is a very clean place and you can enjoy a little nice garden in the terrace upstairs.

It is also the best quality price ratio : not expensive and really good !


Shelter is not only a Cafe, but also a trendy hang out place where all the creative people meet over house blend coffee & delicious food to brainstorm their ideas.

The place is super cute, lovely and quiet !

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