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For food lovers traveling to Bali, Canggu is the headquarters of choice! Landmark of expats, surfers and hipsters of all kinds, this area is full of good gourmet and trendy addresses. We eat really good food and the atmosphere is much better than in Kuta (at least so far). If you go to the area, here are the best restaurants and bars tested during our stay in Canggu.

With more than 2 weeks in Canggu, we have tested for you a maximum of morning, afternoon and evening restaurants / bars / cafes without being able to try all that this area offers. You should know that in this small part of the island whose development has accelerated at a frightening speed in recent years, a new establishment opens almost every week.

A la carte, there is literally everything: there are Italian trattoria, French bakeries, burgers bars, veggie restaurants and of course establishments specializing in local cuisine … For the equivalent of a few euros, we could have a royal breakfast, a healthy lunch or dinner in a trendy place. Target audience? Expats’, digital nomads, traveling surfers or yogis in training. The ingredients are often of very good quality, even organic. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or allergic to gluten, you will find no problem enough to sustain you.

Food is the ingredient that brings us together…

Let’s be clear, it’s not really local cuisine. It’s not fast food multinationals either. It is a fusion cuisine, born from the constant brewing of cultures in this small part of the island and the desire of some to share a little of their culinary culture on the other side of the world.

Be careful: we quickly get used to this luxury and variety, to this abundance of exotic fruits, these cocktails at the edge of the ocean… 


In Indonesian, the word “warung” means, a family establishment: shop, cafe or restaurant. Today, this word is commonly used to describe small restaurants where Indonesian cuisine is served. Be careful, the word “warung” does not necessarily mean that it is a little “authentic boui-boui”. Larger restaurants or cafes have kept the word “warung” in their name.


When inexpensive meets excellence we call it Warung Varuna. For the quality you’re served you’d expect to be paying way more. We’re not saying it is gourmet, but it is a tasteful nibble of traditional Indonesian. It’s a bit hard to find as some palms cover the sign, so keep an eye out for the chalkboards outside the restaurant!


In a pretty little garden overlooking the rice fields where rabbits frolicking (or inside, in a pretty house all wood), we enjoy traditional Indonesian dishes revisited and finely cooked. Mi goreng, Sate Ayam (chicken skewers with peanut sauce), crêpe topped with grated coconut and palm sugar … The presentation is perfect, the tastes balanced and refined, the heartwarming welcome. Make sure to try Warung Dandelion before leaving Canggu !



Looking for a place to start the day? What do you say about a small area open for breakfast from 8 am to 4 pm, where the staff is super lovely and where the food is to die for? You just found it : Lola’s shaking all day. Make sure to try the Blueberry smoothie with the BBQ Jackfruit burger. Plus, decoration is great for your instagram pictures !


Roti Canai is a fun little place that serves a wide range of rotis, Indonesian food, all day breakfasts plus good value coffee.

We did not know that the boring old roti, such a part of an Indian diet, could be such fun!

Basically it is like a crepe shop and instead of pancakes everything is done with roti breads.

If you don’t know what it is, you have to try it !



At Deus, we make motorcycles and surfboards, we sell clothes and … we serve food. On the official website, we define the place as “the place where motorcycles and fine dining collide”. We settle on large teak tables, enjoy a fusion cuisine that is full of Thai flavors and pretty good pizzas. You drink beer on the barrel or wine.


This is not a restaurant but a bar! We come in the evening to drink shots and admire the skaters who perform tricks in an empty pool. Sometimes you can even get a tattoo or listen to a concert.



Located along Batu Bolong Beach (where you can learn to surf!), The Old Man’s is the local of surfers and expats. We come for breakfast after a surf session, eat a bite to eat at noon or in the evening, have a drink and party… The atmosphere is super relaxed and there are even showers for the surfers. The food is very simple (burgers, salads …) but comforting!


Berawa Kitchen is located at Berawa Canggu, just a short 10 minute walk around the corner from Cinta Cafe and The Jungle Trader homewares stores.

Berawa Kitchen is the largest outdoor food hall in Canggu Bali, and definitely the most tasty. But forget all that. The best thing about this place is the cute little playground.


Located in the heart of Canggu, one of the most trendy areas of Bali, the Macan Restaurant is the perfect place to hang out and sit down for some tasty food. The four owners, originated from France, wanted to create a space where people from all around – expats and locals could meet up to enjoy a nice meal or drinks in a modern but cozy place.

It is a little bit expensive but worth it !


La Finca is one of the most unique Spanish restaurants. It wins hands down with its combination of tasty and wholesome dishes prepared using fresh organic ingredients and traditional methods, served in cosy and casual settings of an airy bamboo dining hall and leafy gardens. Despite its rather far-flung location on the northernmost end of Batubelig, it has fast gained recognition since its opening in mid 2013 with a steady flow of patrons that comprise Canggu expatriates and repeat island visitors. Getting to La Finca is an escape west from the busier haunts of Seminyak, onto the quieter Jalan Batubelig and past the other popular dining spots that line the route.


Canggu is an area located on the coast, north of Seminyak and south of Tanah Lot.

For housing, you will easily find what you are looking for on Airnbnb or Booking.

From Kuta International Airport, the easiest way is to reach Canggu by taxi/Grab/GoJeck. From there, it is almost essential to rent a scooter for your travels (the addresses mentioned above are scattered over the Canggu area and it would be very difficult and even dangerous to do everything on foot).

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